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6 Page Website: $1795 
Choose your options and then type in the number of regular pages you need. You can create unlimited pages on your own using our CMS (Content Management System) but if you'd like us to create, style and graphically enhance the pages for you using your content, simply type in the number of pages you need us to setup for you at $50 per page. The website comes pre-packed with 6 pages of universally written content to get you started.

Here are some of the features included with your website:

  • 6 Pre-filled Pages of Content (Home, About Us, Packages, FAQ, Gallery, & Contact Us)
  • Pre-Designed Theme of your choice (see our DEMO) Upgrades available
  • A Contact Us page with a Google Map to your location (if needed) and a general Contact form
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s (the ability to set custom keywords in the address of each page)
  • Built-in Search Feature (allows visitors to quickly find the information they’re looking for)
  • Blocks (you can edit the sections of the template below the menu or in the footer, depending on your template)
  • Social Media Links and Live Streaming Facebook or Twitter Posts Module (if needed)
  • A “back to top” button (allows your visitors a convenient way to get to the top of your page with a single click which also makes your site more user-friendly)
  • Flash animated text in the header and in some cases also in the footer (fully editable text that you can change whenever you want to)
  • PhotoFX (which gives you the ability to add 3-D effects to your photos with drop shadows, borders, glows, and more all with the click of a button) Click Here for an example
  • Search Engine Optimization tools throughout the website editor giving you access to everything you need to enhance your Google ranking yourself. (But we can still do it for you if you prefer)
  • The ability to hide pages until you are ready to make them visible.
  • Create and modify your own contact forms to make a detailed information request page which is a great lead generation tool.
  • A CAPTCHA which keeps your forms from being filled out by Bots (scripts that use contact forms to fill in forms to send YOU spam through your website).
    A very easy to use “Click to Enlarge” feature which you can use to turn a large picture into a small picture and have your visitor click to enlarge without having to learn HTML.


Pre-Designed Template Choice
Photo Galleries (where we insert your photos for you)
  Blog or Article Manager (+$195)
  PayPal Simple Shopping Cart Module (+$200)
  Featured Content Slider Module (+$195)
  Flyout Tab Module (+$195)
  Page Peel Module (+$195)
  Paypal Payment/Donation Page (+$75)
  Inline Message Widget (+$50)
  Live Chat Feature (+$100)
  All the Add-ons and Modules except the Mobile Site (+$495)
  Mobile Site w/5 Mobile Pages, a Click-to-Call Button & Google Map (+$395)
Domain Name (if you have one already):
Domain Name Preference (if you do not have one):
Number of Additional Pages You would like us to create for you ($50 each)
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